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Movement Festival: The Detroit Stage

Apr 05, 2022

Movement Festival begins this weekend in Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit. The streets will be jam packed with electronic music fans and the stages will be brimming with musical talent from all over the world. Famous DJs and producers like Flying LotusAdam BeyerGriz, and Dom Dolla are some of the names that we are most excited to see over the course of the next three days.

Outside of getting down to the musical talent that everyone is already well aware of, we will be spending the majority of our time at Movement in front of the Detroit Stage. Starting at the crack of 3pm Saturday, artists that have already made a name for themselves within the birthplace of techno will have a global audience to perform for.

The stage, presented by the cannabis company Jars, will host acts like SardAcidPimpKe ThuDeon JamarMeftah, and many more. These are the DJs that have kept the after parties around the Midwest packed and pumped while the rest of the country sleeps. These are the artists that make it possible for a festival like Movement to be thrown year after year in the Midwest, because these are the artists that are keeping the scene alive and heavy here in Detroit.

So if you are coming to the festival make sure not to sleep on the Detroit Stage and all of the talent that will be hitting you with Detroit’s specific type of electronic sound.

If you aren’t going to be at the festival… First… Why?

Second, do your ears’ brain a favor and check out the artists that’ll be decorating the Detroit Stage this weekend on Spotify. I guarantee you that you will get yourself an education on what’s to come next from the Midwest Electronic music scene.

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