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Making Our Way To Hangout Fest

Apr 03, 2022

After what felt like the longest year of sitting in our homes listening to the same old records on repeat, music festivals are finally back!

Just in the knick of time, too. We will be sending writers and photographers into the trenches of as many music festivals as humanly possible throughout the summer. To kick off our coverage we are sending Milwaukee-based duo, writer Donovan Ward and photographer Ellie Bogart, to the sandy beaches of Gulf Shore, Alabama, for this years’ Hangout Music Festival.

We are immensely excited to be sending out team to cover what appears to be more than a festival and much more like a giant, sun-soaked vacation on the beach. While we sit in the offices of Audetorium, chained to our desks, receiving notifications from our phones that we are listening to our music at a deafening volume, the Midwestern duo will be sipping margaritas with crowds of screaming fans dressed scantily-clad in a vast array of neon, festival-attire.

This years line up includes:

Zedd · Doja Cat · Tame Impala · Phoebe Bridgers · Madeon · Post Malone

… and many, many more.

Audetorium’s coverage of the event begins Friday, May 20th, and continues throughout the weekend.

To learn more about the festival and to grab your tickets before they are all gone, you can check out the official Hangout Music Festival website.

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