7 / 2 / 2022

Audetorium’s latest print edition, Detroit Skate, pays homage to the roller skating scene that has been thriving in the city since the 1950’s and the people who have helped keep it alive. Released in partnership with Bedrock as a celebration of its downtown, summer-centric city activation, the Monroe Street Midway, the 96 pages edition features the work of photographer Sam Sklar and focuses on one of Detroit’s favorite pastimes that has given birth to a style so specific it has been dubbed “Detroit Style” skating.

During our research of roller rinks we were introduced to a cast of characters full of motivation, dedication, and talent. We dug deep into the history of roller skating in Detroit and were educated on its ties to Motown and the ability a rink has to bring a community together. We met with skaters old and young who have transcended gender norms and other obstacles to build an extended family of people who come together over their love of roller skating, proving that the roller skate is the second-best thing on four wheels to ever happen to Detroit.

Throughout the month, we will be showcasing highlights from the book and introducing you to the skate culture in Detroit. We will be giving away first editions, showing off the work of talented artists, and teaching you all how to roll “Detroit Style”. Our hope is by the end of the year you’ll all be avoiding the cold, Midwest weather and skating tandem inside a rink every weekend - and when people ask you why they don’t see you around the bar anymore you’ll give them the same line we heard time and time again while making this book… “Because I gave my life to skating.”

Photography by:

Sam Sklar

Written by:

Kalvin Lazarte