3 / 1 / 2022

This is a visual mission statement; a visual reference to who we are.

We are Audetorium. We are a consumer facing multi-media company born to enlighten the world of the already existing and unmatched creativity, innovation and community populating the Midwest. Using both digital and physical properties as storytelling vehicles - written articles, video series, podcasts, print media, activations, product and more - we provide a voice and platform to the Midwest.

Our aspiration is to become the bridge between the Midwest and the world.

To our Midwestern friends, we are not here to write your story. We are merely the vessel for your work to become known by a global audience. We look forward to connecting and learning how Audetorium’s platform can serve as an incubator for your success.

To the world, welcome to what the Midwest is. What it has always been. What it will become. Its influence is undeniable and we look forward to educating.

Welcome to the show.



Ariel Ellis

Director of Photography:

Dimitrius Ramirez

Creative Direction:

Rory McHarg

Production by:

Woodward Original

Score by: