State of The Art: The 97th Annual CCS Student Exhibition

4 / 3 / 2022

The College for Creative Studies, aka CCS, recently opened the doors to one of the year’s most anticipated events within the creative community. Detroit’s Emerging Artists and Designers Showcase, otherwise known as the 97th annual Student Exhibition, hosted its opening ceremony on May the 13th.

The event, which took place at both the CCS campuses, hosted over 5,000 one of a kind pieces of art created by students and designers of all years and every academic department as well as CCS alumni. Browsing through the massive arena of the displayed work, most of which was available for purchase, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the amazing amount of talent being cultivated by CCS. While some of the artwork displayed strong ideations of what the world might look like in the not so distance future, other work focused on the now and hoped to raise awareness on particular political and environmental concerns. From concept cars to digital animations, the innovated work created by the academic department and emerging artists from around the world was a sight to behold.

For those enough who were not fortunate enough to attend the opening ceremony, you still have the opportunity to view and purchase some of the incredible work created by the emerging talent for this event until May 27th.

Photography by:

Kai Newby