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Cranbrook Studio 2022

Mar 04, 2022

On Saturday April 30th, The Cranbrook Academy of Art will hold their annual exhibition showcasing work by artists of multiple disciplines in their graduate program. The exhibition, entitled Studio 2022, will display new, groundbreaking work by over 100+ up-and-coming artists, designers, and architects. The event has been put in place to introduce a global community of collectors to new talent arriving out of the halls of the Cranbrook Academy, while also generating essential funds needed to support scholarships for their students, their departments, and all of the programing done throughout the year at Cranbrook Art Museum.

This year, due to plans set in place to combat the spread of Covid, Studio 2022 will be a hybrid event, allowing members of the general public to view the artists’ work online, as well as attend an online auction that opens Sunday, May 1st at 5pm. Registration is required in order to attend the auction.

The opening night gala, which will be held on Saturday, April 30th, will be open solely to sponsors of the event and will allow members to see the artists’ work up close during in-person studio visits. Audetorium will be attendance in order to give our readers unprecedented access and to support this essential program.

During the studio visits, artists get to meet local sponsors and collectors dedicated to maintaining a thriving art scene within our community. Without the support of this and other events like it, the artists that have nurtured and honed in their skillsets while attending school would be forced to take their talent elsewhere in hopes of finding the support to continue making their work. By allowing students to meet face-to-face with patrons of the arts, Cranbrook is helping them find ways to receive the support that will allow them to remain here in the Midwest.

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