Powered By Audetorium: IN-HXOUSE CONVERSATIONS in Detroit

10 / 2 / 2022

In a bright room on the second floor of a building sitting in the heart of downtown Detroit, the creative cultural revolutionaries at HXOUSE in partnership with Audetorium, held a panel discussion entitled IN-HXOUSE CONVERSATIONS.

The purpose? To have three of the talented entrepreneurs and creators of the city speak to an audience of like minds and impart some of the knowledge they have learned through the course of their careers.

Karissma Yve, D’Wayne Edwards, and Che Pope spoke for nearly two hours about nurturing your passion as a creative, the opportunity that comes from taking L’s in stride, and the importance of helping the next person in line up the ladder.

Moderated by one of the charismatic captains of the HXOUSE team, Ahmed Ismail, the conversation was (to say the very least) inspiring. The trio spoke about not knowing the right path to go down when they first began their careers and how not having a map that could lead them towards success was not something that stopped them from venturing into the unknown as it has so many others, but was actually liberating and helped them to find success in small steps.

D’Wayne, the founder of the Detroit-based Pensole Lewis College of Business and Design, talked about how as a young kid he received multiple rejection letters from FootLocker after applying in hopes of getting a discount on shoes, and only five years later, a shoe that he designed sat on a shelf in that same FootLocker.

Che Pope, the award-winning producer and founder of the music lifestyle company WRKSHP, talked about the things he had learned through his years in the music industry producing The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and working alongside Kanye West as the COO of GOOD Music.

Karissma Yve, founder and CEO of the jewelry design and manufacturing platform Glidform, took the audience step-by-step through the process of building her company. She told the story of starting out with nothing but a yearning to learn how to make jewelry and how through sheer will and a defiant attitude towards those that laughed at her dreams and refused to help her, was able to create a company that helps people the world over provide income for their families and communities by selling their merchandise online.

Even after the conversation was over and the panelists had taken time to answer questions from members of the audience, the room stayed full so that everyone could enjoy food and free merchandise while engaging with the speakers about their personal passions.

The following day, HXOUSE held a competition in the same building where teams of artists and designers collaborated to conceptualize, design, and pitch their ideas to judges for the opportunity to create an NFT that will become part of The Weeknd’s “After Hours Til Dawn Tour”.

This event was built around propelling the talented artists from Detroit into a global arena and helping to give them guidance as they move towards their dreams. It is the first of many that Audetorium plans to bring to the Midwest. If you would like to be a part of the next event you should become a Friend of Aude and stay up to date on all of the activations we will be hosting in cities near you.